2008 LLC Teams

Lately, I've been getting bombarded with questions about the 2008 Lunar Lander Challenge entries. Everyone, it seems, wants to know how many teams entered into each level, and who they are.

At the moment, I can't tell you that. We're in the process of reviewing each application (more on this process in a future post), so even we don't know the final number of teams yet. However, we're getting pretty close, and hope to be able to announce something soon.

I can drop a few hints, though:

  • We will add a few new teams

  • Some teams from last year won't return

  • The overall number of teams competing for each level should be in the same general range as it was in 2007.

Like I said, hopefully we'll have much more detail soon.

One of our teams from last year, SpeedUp, has announced today that they fall into that second bullet point: teams from 2007 that won't be returning in 2008. Bob and company have put together a great effort and a cool vehicle, so we're sad not to have them involved again this year. However, I think it speaks well to the quality of their character and their long-term planning that they realized they would be best served by sitting this one out while still working on their effort. I'm confident we'll hear more from them in the not-too-distant future.

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