The Google Lunar X PRIZE crew goes to Google...

Mike, Nicky and myself at Google DC Office

This week is quite a fun week for the Google Lunar X PRIZE crew since we are all together in Washington DC: Nicky Jordan, Mike Fabio and Tiffany Montague who are working with us usually from California joined us this week! And this is very productive to be all working in the same place both on several outstanding issues and on day-to-day stuff.

Yesterday, we took advantage of having Tiffany here, who is the Google Lunar X PRIZE manager at Google, to hold a luncheon presentation at the Google DC office. I was impressed by the great level of interest from the audience (Googlers) and the pertinence of the questions, which made this briefing definitely a very successful one!

In addition, I must say it was also pretty exciting to go to a Google office - after all they are also famous for their cool working environment! Check out some great unofficial pictures and stay tuned for the next event we'll have this week!

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