Lunar Travels via iPhone


Oh iPhone, why do you haunt my dreams? Why must I long to drag my finger across your shiny touch screen? And why have you not yet delivered on your promise to bring the Google Lunar X PRIZE to the mobile world?

Alas, fair reader, we have not yet come up with a perfect solution to the iPhone question: how can we keep the public informed about our PRIZEs on the go?

SEED magazine has a fun article about science software on the iPhone. Among those is a fun sounding app called Starmap.

Starmap provides a fully portable way of locating things--stars, planets, constellations, meteor showers, deep-field objects--in the night sky. You can calibrate your location (either with city, longitude/laditude coordinates, or by using iPhone's triangulation) and toggle through north-, east-, south-, and west-view sky charts. It allows for customized ambient and star- brightness levels to correct for time of night and light pollution. A flip-dock on the bottom of the screen houses all the catalog lists of the sky objects, and a navigation arrow guides you to your point of interest.

Well, now's your chance to chime in. What do you want to see? RSS feeds are a no-brainer. We could even port over the Google Gadget (YouTube videos included?).

How about an Open Social geotagged micro-blogging platform specifically for space nerds?

I kid.


Leave your suggestions in the comments! Consider it your contribution to the "get Mike an iPhone so he can start developing for it already!" fund.

William said...

Try living across the street from a Mac store! Chances I don't buy Diana an iPhone 3G soon: approximately 0%.

Seriously, though, I think porting over the Gadget would be cool. Maybe something using the #glxp tweme? And we could take a page from the Obama playbook and make a simple countdown timer application! I know one prospective team that has a countdown timer ticking off the days until the prize expires right next to the entrance to thier office...

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