Moving Houses

As if moving to a new apartment in real life weren't enough excitement, the time has finally come to migrate my online blogging life from the old Pomerantz Report to this new location. And, while the hassle of learning a new system and redirecting old bookmarks is akin to the hassle of packing and unpacking boxes in my ongoing apartment move, it's all worth it: I'm really liking the new place!

I started blogging for the Pomerantz Report about nine months ago as a bit of an experiment. We were hoping to see if I enjoyed blogging (I do), if people were interested in reading an X PRIZE / Space related blog (they were), and if I had time to fit this in among my other job responsibilities (I sometimes did, but too often didn't). The results were encouraging enough to want to scale this up a bit--and that opportunity for scaling also gave us a chance to combat the biggest problem with the Pomerantz Report: the limits of my availability, writing talent, and creativity in coming up with new posts.

So, I'm excited that I'll be joined here by some of my fellow X PRIZErs, who will be sharing their own unique perspectives on life at X PRIZE, our on-going competitions, and other related space events and tidbits. Long-time readers of the Pomerantz Report will recognize some of them from guest posts on that blog; others of you have been able to meet my colleagues in person at conferences or other events. Hopefully, by reading along, you'll not only keep informed of the exciting things that go on at X PRIZE and with our teams, you'll get also get a feel for the personalities on the team.

So, thanks in advance for coming along for the ride. As Mike said, this is still a work in progress, so we welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions! We'll keep tweaking and improving as time goes on.

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