Some minor tweaks

Well we launched The Launch Pad just a day ago, and I've already gotten a flood of good feedback. I made a couple of minor changes to the site that you may notice.

The first is a full sitefeed. Yep, this was the most requested feature.

The second is a newly updated blogroll, with a few new entries. Feel free to add your blog in the comments if you want yours added.

And I updated the favicon :)

Much more to come, including a better comments system, better support for images using Shadowbox, and probably some Twitter feeds or other fun widgets.

spaceguy said...

Thanks Mike!

Paolo Amoroso said...

I am not getting any new entries from the RSS feed since July 9, 2008. I use Google Reader.

Paolo Amoroso said...

I have just got the updates, never mind.

mike fabio said...

If you're reading this comment, then the embedded comments are working too!

Will need to tweak the formatting of the comment form, but that shouldn't be too hard.

Ryan Anderson said...

Great to see an official X-Prize blog! I'll add a link to my blogroll over at

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