Weekend Roundup

I know that people around the world view the weekend as an opportunity to finally push away from the desk and shut down the computer, so fun web stories from the weekend can sometimes get overlooked. A quick recap:

  • While our own Mike Fabio was posting about Fun with Paper--cool models and such that one can make from a desktop printer--former Lunar Lander Challenge participant Bob Steinke of team SpeedUp has started a new open-source textbook project of sorts called "Paper Rockets." With all this paper flying around, my Kindle feels old fashioned already.
  • Pierre-Damien made his inaugural post on the Launch Pad, posting an extensive list of ways that people, especially students can get directly involved in space exploration.
  • Google Lunar X PRIZE team JURBAN posted three new blog posts in rapid succession. They mention a new partner university and an upcoming trip to Africa to raise awareness and to recruit partners. It's also worth noting that we just posted an artist's impression of their craft, which I think they will blog about soon (pending sufficient internet access in Ghana). Thanks again to to Andrew Collis for creating these impressions for us.
  • A scan through the list of countries wherein individuals, companies, or other groups have expressed an interest in forming a Google Lunar X PRIZE team--the full list is given in the comments to this post from Mike--shows that Ghana is indeed already on the list, so I hope that JURBAN finds it to be fertile ground.
  • Space Prizes and HobbySpace both posted articles about the X PRIZE Cup, with some good thoughts and analysis. I'll see if we can get an official answer to Ray's question about the Conrad Award.
Of course, the blogs on our blogroll are all worth reading if you want to full scoop from everything else you may have missed over the weekend.

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