Welcome to The Launch Pad!

Welcome to The Launch Pad, the newest blog from the X PRIZE Foundation. We've been hard at work building this site, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

The Launch Pad is an attempt to aggregate our thoughts, rants, and other discussion about the X PRIZE space contests and other space related things. We hope this can be an informational clearinghouse for X PRIZE news, and a means for the public to keep up with the daily progress of the X PRIZE space programs.

A couple of things to note:

  • Subscribe! You can click the giant feed button in the sidebar, or use your browser's feed functionality to add this blog to your favorite reader.

  • Comment! If you've got a Blogger account, you can easily add to the discussion.

  • Got a suggestion? Let us know, of course. We'd be happy to add your space related blog to the blogroll, or fix any bugs you may encounter.

  • This is a work in progress. As with any newly launched site, you can think of this as a beta version. We'll be updating with various functionality and content to make this as rich an experience as possible.

  • Spread the word! At the bottom of each post you'll find an easy way to share items on various social networks and bookmarking sites. You Digg?

Those of you who follow The Pomerantz Report will be glad to know that Will is blogging here. You'll soon have the ability to subscribe specifically to Will's entries, as well as the various categories. Want to follow only those posts relating to the Google Lunar X PRIZE? Pretty soon you will....

For now, let's get the ball rolling. This should be an exciting venture for all of us. And stay tuned for some great guest blog posts as well ;)

In 3, 2, 1....

spaceguy said...

Great job on the new blog! One minor gripe I have, though, is that your RSS feed only includes the beginning of each post. I much prefer to read blogs in my RSS reader (Google Reader of course!). I subscribe to nearly 70 RSS feeds and having to go to a web site really slows down my reading. Would it be possible to include each entire post in the feed?

Anonymous said...

What? You didn't add my blog? Sigh... ;-)


Good to see your blog! I'm adding you to my blog roll (whether you add me or not).

As far as suggestions go, I have a few, starting with comments. Why don't you guys (and gals) add the embedded comment system that Blogger is testing on the blog*spot blogs?


mike fabio said...

thanks for the suggestions everyone. the rss feed issue is something i've received several requests for already. and the comment system i simply haven't gotten around to yet. stay tuned...

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