Exploring the Google Lunar X PRIZE in Google Earth

Google Earth-1.jpg
We've just released a new KML file that lets you explore the Google Lunar X PRIZE right from your laptop. Fly around to visit the teams all over the world, or check out the Allen Telescope Array from our preferred partner SETI Institute.

If you've got any good placemarks you'd like to see here, let us know! We'll be updating this feed as new content becomes available (don't worry, the content will refresh itself automatically, so no need to redownload). Stay tuned for geoblogs and maybe geotagged images as well!

Go here to download the KML.

Requires Google Earth.

Ray said...

I like the idea and the implementation of it. I wonder if another set for "important events" (Team Summit, announcements, etc) would work? Is there a way to make the different categories (teams, etc) look different (maybe a different color)?

mike fabio said...

Definitely lots of possibilities with Google Earth. Custom icons are easy, and adding extra placemarks for important events is definitely in the pipeline. Thanks for the suggestions.

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