Farewell, Pierre-Damien, et bon voyage!

Yesterday marked the end of an era here at the X PRIZE Foundation. Pierre-Damien Vaujour, intern extraordinaire and occasional blogger here on the Launch Pad, finished up his last day at X PRIZE.

Pierre-Damien came to us by way of Supaero and the European Space Research and Technology Centre, and brought not just a knowledge of lunar missions and the European community but also a wonderful and fun personality to our team. We enjoyed working with him.

In his ~5 months here, Pierre-Damien worked on a wide variety of projects. Most visibly, he conceived and managed the very successful student competition held in late May.

He also participated along with former intern Nicolas Peter in a discussion of European Google Lunar X PRIZE teams, and whether or not we can expect more of them. That post has grown to be one of the most popular posts ever on the Launch Pad--though people have been shy about submitting questions for Part II. Please send those in!

Pierre-Damien has promised to post a farewell blog of his own down the road, so hopefully we'll be hearing more from him soon. In the meantime, please join in telling him: merci beaucoup, and bon voyage!

mike fabio said...


Nah, I kid. We're gonna miss you buddy. Best of luck to you.

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