Fun with Robots! RoboDynamics let's the X PRIZE test the first TiLR robots

When I first contacted the folks at Mahalo Daily about doing a Google Lunar X PRIZE episode, they suggested I get in contact with Fred Nikgohar at RoboDynamics, a Santa Monica firm (just a few doors down from us) that specializes in telepresence robots. A telepresence robot is one that allows a person to communicate with others as if he were actually in a physical place.

It just so happens that we connected at exactly the right time: RoboDynamics is just finishing a run of beta vehicles called TiLR (Telepresence internet connected Low cost Robot). And they let us test one for them!


Yesterday Fred dropped by the X PRIZE offices to drop off our very own TiLR, and we took him for a spin. Check out these videos....

Close Encounters of the TiLR Kind

Timelapse as TiLR roams through the office

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