Keeping tabs on a potential new team

As previously mentioned here on the Launch Pad, our friends over at Space Florida recently co-hosted an event for a potential pan-Floridian Google Lunar X PRIZE team called Omega Envoy. I wasn't able to attend the event myself--I was at Oshkosh at the time--but I got a quick recap of the event. Here's what I learned:

On Friday, Aug 1, Omega Envoy, a group from FL that is interested in competing for the Google Lunar X PRIZE, presented their rover design at the Kennedy Space Center Training Auditorium. About 75 people from the local community including representatives of Space Florida, NASA, Bionetics, SAIC, IBM, UCF, Delaware North, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, InDyne, Dynamac, Harris, ASRC, and Brevard County were in attendance. Ruben Nunez, the Project Director, gave an enthusiastic presentation and sought new members from all disciplines to participate in his quest to the moon. Ruben was joined by Justin Karl, Engineering Consultant, and team members Jeff Cunningham, Kim Koehler, Jason Dunn, Steven Vaughn, Garrett Arnold, Michelle Petty, Miriam Berk, and Martin Howell. The group is operating under a non-profit, Earthrise Space Inc. For more information, you can visit Omega Envoy's website.

That's all I have to report for now--nothing else cleared for public repetition. But another potential team worth tracking, for all you fans out there!

Some photos, all courtesy of Space Florida:

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