The Air Up There

When you are a rocket geek (like I am), you get awfully excited any time someone gets a new rocket design up an off the ground. Even if it's a short flight; even if the control is not perfect: when something launches and doesn't blow up, that's a great thing!

We stand to see a lot of the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge teams making such maiden flights in the near future--back at our Team Summit a few weeks ago, several teams seemed right on the precipice of test flights.

TrueZer0, one of our new teams this year, entered the small club of companies with a flying vehicle just recently when their rocket left the ground (video below). By my count, this makes them the fourth NGLLC team to do so, joining current team Armadillo and former teams Masten and SpeedUp. I'm sure all three of those companies would tell TrueZer0 that they have a long ways yet to go--but it's clear that TrueZer0 has accomplished an amazing amount already in a shocking short amount of time.

Kudos to them, and best of luck to them and all of their competitors in the weeks to come!

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