Engines Not Done Burning!

Don't worry everybody, just because posting frequency has slowed here on The Launch Pad doesn't mean that we're abandoning ship (or burning out like most bloggers do). In fact, to the contrary, we're planning a number of fun things to keep the energy level high – and keep you guys entertained.

Will is off on a bit of a world tour, with stops at Google and the X PRIZE Foundation, as well as the International Astronautical Congress in Glasgow, a pitstop in Columbia, and then to a super secret surprise event which will not be super secret surprisey for very long. I imagine his posting will be slow, but I'll also bet that it's more interesting than mine ;)

As for me, I'll be working on a few important things. First and foremost is our new Google Lunar X PRIZE store. As you saw before, we've picked the winners of our T-shirt competition and we're ready to get the store launched, but alas the powers that be are telling me we have to wait until all the legal documents are signed so we can use the images on merchandise. Of course, you'll be the first to know when the store launches.

I'm also working on some interesting initiatives with Google Moon, hopefully allowing us to easily create content showing the potential landing locations of our teams.

And as always, we've got plenty of potential teams out there wanting to enter competition (this takes up a good chunk of our time at the Foundation). I can't tell you about all of them, as I'm sworn to secrecy. If you want to get that information you'll have to coerce me by rolling a 15 or higher.


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