If you're going to San Francisco (be sure to wear some rockets in your hair)

Whew, talk about a whirlwind.

Last week, Brett and Will and I visited the Bay Area for a non-stop melee of meetings. On Wednesday, we met with X PRIZE board member Adeo Ressi, a fascinating guy to say the least. We discussed his incredible new venture, thefunded.com, and took a stab at redefining how the X PRIZE can help connect teams with potential capital.

Then on Thursday we had a full day of meetings at Google. We met up with our primary contact, Tiffany Montague, and after picking up our jaws after her stories from Burning Man, we got down to business. Since the 1 year birthday of the Google Lunar X PRIZE is coming up this week, we discussed different ways of promoting the anniversary using Google products.... many of which you'll see very soon! We also talked about the many ways we're going to be doing educational outreach in the future, and how we can tie in as many great technologies as possible. We met with Michael Weiss-Malik, the brains behind Google Moon and Mars, and talked about how we can use the Google Maps API to draw in content and promote the PRIZE. Later, I met with an old friend, who works at Google Book Search, to discuss ways we can use the vast libraries found there to educate and inspire.

We then headed up to Emeryville for an incredible tour of Pixar. Many thanks go out to Aidan Cleeland for setting us up with that. Here are a bunch of photos from Google and Pixar:

On Friday, Will went to the Lunar Commercial Communications Workshop (which I'm sure he'll talk about in a future post), while I picnicked in Shoreline Park with the awesome people from NASA CoLab. Later we went over to NASA Ames, where they showed me around their co-working space, and we discussed future initiatives to tie into the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge.

And finally, we had an in-depth workshop with our good friend Obie Greenberg at YouTube about best practices and ways we can spice up our channel.

Oh, and I almost forgot..... we announced our T-Shirt Design Competition Winners! Congratulations to Julian Bennett and Claire Schaeffer. Their designs will be featured in the soon-to-be-revamped Google Lunar X PRIZE store. Here are their awesome designs:

Paolo Amoroso said...

An idea for a #FFD with Google products: tweet a link to a Google Maps satellite view showing a space facility: launch center, control center, tracking station, research laboratory, training center, assembly facility, etc.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty great idea, actually. I'll add it to the list.

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