Is It our Moral Imperative to Explore Space?

Yesterday the USA Today Science Fair Blog found a video of Peter talking to the TED Conference about space exploration. The blog post was basically a recap of the video, but it did bring about a call to the readers about whether or not space exploration is important. Here's Peter's talk:

I want to ask you all the same question: Is it our moral imperative to explore space? Or are we just wasting time?

Thanks for your responses!

Paolo Amoroso said...

Do we have a moral obligation to explore space? Tough question, I'm afraid I don't know. Perhaps it may be easier to approach the issue from a different angle: "why not?". I don't know of any compelling reasons not to explore space.

I definitely think that we are not just wasting time. Space exploration is no more a waste of time than other knowledge, exploration and resource exploitation endeavours.

Michelle Tackabery said...

It's a fascinating way to frame the discussion, but put this simply - that, due to the dictates of reason, we must explore space - I have to agree. Given the history of mankind on this planet - our history of war, the limitations of our natural resources, the fact of population explosion, and the bare, basic need to preserve our race -- we must explore any and all avenues that will provide us with the means to survive as a species.

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