New Digs.

As some of you probably already have heard, the X PRIZE Foundation is moving to its new home in Playa Del Ray. That's just a little ways south of our current offices in Santa Monica. We'll be moving into the Electronic Arts offices at the corner of Lincoln and Jefferson.

Wait, wait, hold up. The EA building? Well, lest you think we're turning into a video game company (it would be fun, huh?), allow me to show you our new offices, semi-up-close-and-personal.

Here's the artist rendering of the building before it was built:


Our building is on the right, while most of the EA studios are on the left. We'll be sharing space with EA, as well as some other companies (don't worry, if I see any top secret Madden 2010 footage, I'll be sure to let you know).

Here's the Google Street View of our building from Lincoln Blvd.

5510 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90094 - Google Maps.jpg

Notice that they didn't build it quite like the drawings. I'll be posting some videos and photos as we move in next Tuesday!

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