Weekend Roundup, August 29 -September 1, 2008

(The latest installment in an on-going series, this post will recount relevant space news that you may have missed while out enjoying your weekend. It's not an exhaustive list--to get that, I recommend clicking through to the blogs in our blogroll--but it should contain the highlights, as least as I see them.)

This week's weekend roundup is a bit late. For those of you not in the USA, a quick explanation: yesterday was nominally a holiday for workers here in the USA. I say "nominally" because I actually spent much of the day finishing and editing a paper for the upcoming International Astronautical Congress... but I can't complain, as it was a wonderful weekend with beautiful weather and great company.

On to the roundup:

Lastly, I'd like to cheat a bit and sneak in news from this morning:

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