Weekend Roundup MEGAPOST

A LOT of stuff to report today.

We had a great Friday Funday. So good, in fact, that we'll be extending it indefinitely until we've got a whole bunch of awesome video of people saying "MOON" in various languages. Can't wait to stitch it all together. It's not too late to submit your own!

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation - Video Gallery.jpg

SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon 1 into orbit! This is fantastic news for private space, and for the Google Lunar X PRIZE. SpaceX has graciously agreed to provide launch capabilities for any Google Lunar X PRIZE team at cost. We congratulate Elon and the SpaceX team on this major milestone in private space exploration.

Here is some video of the launch (fast forward to around 18 min):

And finally, the X PRIZE Foundation has officially moved into it's new offices in Playa Vista. Here's a quick YouTube tour:

Paolo Amoroso said...

Congratulations on your new offices -- a.k.a. "hangar X"

Nick said...

Been quite the space week, with the Chinese spacewalk, the SpaceX launch, and the Japanese Space Elevator Association picking up steam, not to mention snow on Mars. Good times.

-Nick, Moon Colonization blogger

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