Announcement: New Partner, New Teams

We have a lot of really exciting news for everyone. I'm writing this from the AGI User Conference in Chicago, where we just announced our partnership with Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI). AGI makes the STK software package, designed to plan space missions from the ground up: launch to landing. They've graciously offered to provide one license of this package to each of the registered Google Lunar X PRIZE teams, a value of $150,000 each.

We're also excited to announce two new teams in the Google Lunar X PRIZE!

Independence–X Aerospace is based in Malaysia and is lead by Mohd Izmir Yamin, who has extensive experience in rocket propulsion and robotic control systems. Independence–X Aerospace is composed of team members who have served in various engineering and business fields as professional engineers, technologists and academics. They believe one of their primary advantages is their strategic geographical location, which they hope will help to reduce launch costs and utilize abundant direct solar reception. The team has also formed an academic and technical partnership with a Malaysian university, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). In addition, the Malaysian Entrepreneurs Development Center (MEDEC) will support the team with business advice.

Omega Envoy is led by Ruben Nunez, Jason Dunn, and Justin Karl, all students at the University of Central Florida. Their company, Earthrise Space, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that was founded by a group of students and professionals in Central Florida with the common goal of advancing private and commercial space exploration. The Omega Envoy project, their entry into the Google Lunar X PRIZE, will help realize these goals and expand the horizons of human space exploration. Through outreach to all academic and professional levels, coupled with synergistic business relationships, they hope to maintain Florida’s position as the global leader in the space industry.

We've been shooting some really great video footage of the announcement and interviews with the new teams, and we'll be posting those as soon as they're edited and polished.

A big day for X PRIZE space. As always, stay tuned.

Pierre-Damien said...

Rovy made it to this conference, I'm so jealous he (she?) didn't make it to France last May!!!

I guess the only possible way to make it up for it would be to go back there!! :p

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