Photo Album: 2008 NGLLC, Day One

We have a winner!

It was an exciting, emotional, and exhausting day. From our 5:30am staff call until the last person left the airport more than 12 hours later, we had non-stop thrills and excitement.

I hope to write up a longer report later (after a bit of sleep, perhaps), but for now, I'll these photos speak from themselves. I am fortunate enough--or crazy enough, depending on your point of view--to be able to be quite close to the vehicles during preparation and flight, so these photos should provide a unique vantage point from which you can view the contest.

Again, I'll provide a more thorough write-up later, but for now, I want to say a hearty congratulations to both team TrueZer0 and team Armadillo. There were a number of important milestones reached today, and an awful lot of people have plenty of reason to be proud. It's a great day to be a space enthusiast.

NGLLC 2008 - Day 1

Nick said...

There's a pretty spectacular Day 1 recap up on Youtube from the X Prize Foundation up today:

And also a good article on Day 1:

"Luna C/I: Colonization and Integration of the Moon" blogger :)

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