Set Your TiVos, People.

X PRIZE Foundation Partner, BT, is a major sponsor of a new CNBC series on collaboration that will prominently feature X PRIZE Foundation in the first and last episodes. The CNBC series depicts how collaboration can be a catalyst for change and innovation. The show will also tackle social responsibility and the question of what’s next? The series includes panel discussions with experts on the subjects discussed and will be hosted and moderated by Donnie Deutsch of The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch. The first episode is scheduled to air on October 12 at 8PM. New episodes will air every Sunday.

The complete five-part series includes:
Episode 1: Collaborating to Compete (with X PRIZE featured)
Episode 2: Human Resources
Episode 3: Profiting from Collaboration
Episode 4: The New CSR Collaborative Social Responsibility: CSR stands for Collaborative Social Responsibility
Episode 5: The Future of Collaboration (with X PRIZE featured)

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