TrueZer0 Test Flights

On October 8 the X PRIZE space crew had the pleasure of journeying just outside of Chicago to visit TrueZer0, one of the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge competitors, and watch a test flight.

The flight that day was not perfect, but showed incredible promise. This team has surprised everyone by joining the competition late, and making significant progress to be only the fourth competitor ever to get their craft off the ground.

Here is a video of the flight we had the pleasure to see. HD version is also available (and recommended).

Did I mention this was my first ever rocket launch? (Model rockets when I was a kid don't count.)

But wait! TrueZer0 posted another video the day after we left.... and they're hovering! Check it out:

And finally, here are a whole ton of photos I took while visiting. Plenty of closeups to sate your curiosity, and even some cameos by Rovey (occasionally decapitated). Sorry, the right side of my camera lens is blurry for some reason, despite cleaning.

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