Announcing the Google Lunar X PRIZE Store!


I'm happy to tell you that we've just launched the Google Lunar X PRIZE store at Go check it out, and maybe grab yourself a spiffy t-shirt. Or perhaps your dog needs a new wardrobe. Or the official Google Lunar X PRIZE apron, for the barbecue fanatic in your life. Whatever your nerdy heart desires, you can find it over at the Google Lunar X PRIZE store.

You'll notice also a featured design by Julian Bennett, our first place winner of the Google Lunar X PRIZE T-shirt Design Competition, which we held a few months back. Unfortunately we were unable to award the second place prize, so if anybody out there knows Claire Schaeffer of Clearwater, FL, have her contact me!

ad_astra2 said...

Any chance you have a swank XP onesie for the cool kids on the block?

mike fabio said...

You mean like this?

Sorry, no adult onesies available. Yet ;)

Nick Azer said...

The Cardinal color for the Fundamentals design shirt is swaaank---going to have to pick me up one of those :)

"Luna C/I: Colonization and Integration of the Moon"

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