Announcing the Google Lunar X PRIZE Store!


I'm happy to tell you that we've just launched the Google Lunar X PRIZE store at Go check it out, and maybe grab yourself a spiffy t-shirt. Or perhaps your dog needs a new wardrobe. Or the official Google Lunar X PRIZE apron, for the barbecue fanatic in your life. Whatever your nerdy heart desires, you can find it over at the Google Lunar X PRIZE store.

You'll notice also a featured design by Julian Bennett, our first place winner of the Google Lunar X PRIZE T-shirt Design Competition, which we held a few months back. Unfortunately we were unable to award the second place prize, so if anybody out there knows Claire Schaeffer of Clearwater, FL, have her contact me!

erika said...

Any chance you have a swank XP onesie for the cool kids on the block?

mike fabio said...

You mean like this?

Sorry, no adult onesies available. Yet ;)

Nick said...

The Cardinal color for the Fundamentals design shirt is swaaank---going to have to pick me up one of those :)

"Luna C/I: Colonization and Integration of the Moon"

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