Branding the X PRIZE Foundation

It seems that there is some confusion about exactly how to spell/type/syntactify (I made that word up) the various brands surrounding the X PRIZE Foundation, and I thought I'd lay out a little something here so that the media, bloggers, and the general public understand the ways that we brand ourselves.

For starters, the official brandmark is:

X PRIZE Foundation

and our logo is:


X PRIZE is always written in all-capital letters, with a space between, and not a hyphen.

The following are INCORRECT:

  • XPrize Foundation

  • X-Prize Foundation

  • X Prize Foundation

  • XPRIZE Foundation

  • X-PRIZE Foundation

And believe me, I've seen all of these used in online and print.

The X PRIZE Foundation is the non-profit organization that runs several PRIZEs (that's another branding thing, when we refer to incentive prizes that we run) to create breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. At present these PRIZEs are:

In general, we try not to abbreviate these, except where necessary due to technical or physical constraints (e.g. on Twitter where posts are limited to 140 characters, or in usernames which are often limited as well). We also never shorten these brandmarks. For instance, Google Lunar X PRIZE is never shortened to Lunar X PRIZE.

Hopefully this will serve as a good (albeit not entirely official) set of branding guidelines if you choose to write about any of our PRIZEs. And we certainly hope you do ;)

Anonymous said...

Normally all CAPS is an acronym that stands for something. So what is the secret meaning of P.R.I.Z.E.?

Until you have a good answer for that, newspaper style books will call you X Prize, if only to avoid writing the word PRIZEs.

Anonymous said...

I have always spelled it X PRIZE. I'm a good reporter boy.

mike fabio said...

Admittedly our preferred spelling is slightly confusing. But it is what it is. And I personally like it :)

Thanks, Dave, for being diligent.

Nick said...

My day job is currently at a very brand-heavy environment, so I'll definitely keep these in mind on my blog :) Never thought to all-caps "PRIZE", and I think I'm guilty of "Lunar X Prize" on a coupla occasions :)

"Luna C/I: Colonization and Integration of the Moon"

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