A Moment of Zen, Space Style.


Last Friday was, perhaps, our most successful Friday Funday ever. While some of our usual suspects were suspiciously absent, we had a number of new participants. The activity: space-themed haiku. So without further ado, here are the excellent poems submitted last week (arranged by author).


the coolest contest evah

because I said so!


On quest to learn more
brave Mars Phoenix Lander went
Twittering for all.

Full of fun and cash
Google Lunar X Prize is
waiting to be won.

Waiting to be seen
exoplanets are in sight
more and more each day.

ISS in flight
shining beacon in the night
holding Endeavour.

On this pale blue dot
we travel through the cosmos
searching for answers.

Eyes play trick on me
spider loose on ISS
up or down cares not.

Robotic spacecraft
cruising the solar system
sending back cool stuff.

Vogon poetry
doesn't hold a candle to
all my bad haikus.

Airlock is open
trash and undesirables
voided into space.

Telescope I have
pointed towards the starry void
looking back through time.


I think about space
Where in it is my place?
Makes me feel so small.


Space is a dream
for people worldwide
wake up and fly


A wise man once said
In space, if you write haiku
No one can hear you!

Someting in common
with all of our ancestors.
We always look up at night.

staring up at stars
through the tops of leafless oaks
wish to reach them too


Looking up to space
I feel oh so very small
yet so infinite

Tell me Universe
What is the secret to You
Will we ever know


Space walk going smooth
OH CRAP, there goes the tool bag
Screws loose in orbit

Twinkle twinkle, you
little ball of hot gas
Ouch, my retina!


Desolate beauty
Little intrepid rover
Explores for us all


Bang! It expanded.
An infinite universe
Where does it all end?


up goes the spaceship
tries to find infinity
home is far away


For your nerdy needs
Google Lunar X PRIZE comes
Prepared with rockets

Dark is the night sky
A-twinkle with black and gold
So small are we all

Here's a Tweet haiku
A pebble in the river
Of Twitter Twitter Twitter

The Sun is a mass
Of incandescent gas(es).
Nuclear furnace!

Astronaut says "Wow!
I can see my house from here!
It's round, blue and green."

"I can't do that Dave."
"Sing me that song again, HAL,
While your power supply dies."

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