Participatory Exploration, by Nick Skytland

If you're at all active in the space industry, you're probably more than familiar with Nick Skytland's PowerPoint presentations (some of them are rather notorious). Like it or not, these presentations have had a lasting impact on the way NASA sees itself in the new space economy, and in particular how NASA has moved toward implementing social media as a part of its outreach strategy.

I was particularly impressed by this presentation, which Nick (an X PRIZE alumnus) gave at the SEDS SpaceVision get together last week. Indeed one of the main goals of the Google Lunar X PRIZE and the X PRIZE Foundation is to get everyone - regardless of their prior experience with space - involved in space exploration.

Nick writes:

The goal of my talk was to let the students know a) how exciting working for NASA can be, b) how exciting the Constellation Program is, and c) that even if they didn’t literally work for NASA or for one of its subcontractors, there are still many ways to participate. Each day, we are creating more and more avenues for people to participate in the NASA mission.

(Via OpenNasa.)

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