SpaceVision 2008

Last night, I gave the opening lecture at SpaceVision 2008, the annual conference for the US-chapters of the Students for Exploration and Development of Space. I'd had to miss the past two SpaceVisions, so was happy to able to attend this one, hosted by the Texas A&M SEDS Chapter.

My talk followed a pretty standard formula that will be familiar to those of you who have seen me talk before. But I was excited to make a few key changes and to add some parts.

One was that I was able to update my "Current and Planned Lunar Missions" slide to reflect that fact that Chandrayaan-1 is now in orbit around the Moon--and indeed has already fired an impactor into the lunar surface.

The second major addition was a challenge I issued to the SEDS students. I presented a slide that had the artist's conceptions for all of the Google Lunar X PRIZE teams (and by the way, stay tuned for a new one for Odyssey Moon, coming shortly), and noted how many of them are built around universities. So, I challenged the SEDS students, saying that there should be "a Google Lunar X PRIZE team for every SEDS Chapter, and a SEDS Chapter for every Google Lunar X PRIZE team." It's actually a pretty impressive list of universities involved in our teams, and a large number of them don't yet have SEDS chapters. Well, I asked, why not? Let's fix that!

I was also happy that the next two talks were by two X PRIZE alumni, Ken Davidian and Nick Skytland. Nice to see old friends making waves and inspiring students!

More on the SEDS conference soon--I've got get back to watching the presentations...

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