Google Lunar X PRIZE True International Reach

From browsing the Google Lunar X PRIZE website, you might think that only a handful of countries are doing real work on this PRIZE. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, there is currently work being done on every continent but Antarctica, with over 40 countries represented.

The map above shows the rough distribution of work being done all over the world, including both registered and letter-of-intent teams. Colors correspond to data such as team members present and team headquartering.

Team FREDNET skews the numbers slightly, since they have such a huge number of members from across the globe. But many of our teams are multi-national. For example, the recently announced team Euroluna cover several European countries; and the first ever team, Odyssey Moon, is working not only in its headquarters nation of the the Isle of Man, but in Canada and the US as well.

We have several new teams on deck that will bring our headquarter count up slightly as well. So stay tuned into the new year.

Paolo Amoroso said...

It would be interesting to compare this map to those of visitors to the Google Lunar X PRIZE site and this blog.

mike fabio said...

This is a really excellent idea, Paolo. Here's a link to the map of the past 30 days of traffic to

If we look at all-time stats, the United States far outweighs all other countries in terms of hits on our site. This is something we are actively trying to change. I attribute this largely to the English bias of our sites. The United Kingdom and Canada regularly send many visitors to our sites as well.

I should note, however, that we've recently seen an influx of visitors from India, China, France, Germany, and Brazil. We're very excited about this trend, and hope it continues. Still we need to work to gain more visitors from places like Russia, Australia (English speaking!), Eastern Europe, Africa, and South America.

mike fabio said...

I should also point out that Google Analytics shows that in the last 30 days, the site has had visitors from 159 different countries.

And over the last year, visits from 214 countries.

Are you outside of the United States? What would you like to see our sites offer to better inform you?

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