The Mysterious MikeJ

Our good friends @snibble and @quarkspin have started a list of possible culprits behind MikeJ, the alleged head of the Mystery Team. Here's the start, feel free to continue speculating in the comments.

Michael J. Nelson -  MST3K

Michael J. Laine - That Space Elevator Guy

Michael J. Fox - That Back to the Future Guy

Michael Jordan - He's got money – right? And he's pretty good at defying gravity.

QuarkSpin said...

Hmmm... some sources say that it is none other than Mike Fabio himself.

QuarkSpin said...

A few more Mikes for consideration:

Dr. Michael J.S. Belton - Space scientist

Michael J. Patterson - Ion propulsion expert

Michael J. McCulley - Former President and CEO, United Space Alliance

Michael J. Wiskerchen - California Space Grant Consortium

Michael J. Bloomfield - Former Astronaut

Michael J. Dabrowski - Software Dude, CubeSat

J. Michael Straczynski (Okay - I just had to throw that one in for fun.)

QuarkSpin said...

Michael J. Cave - Boeing

QuarkSpin said...

Dr. Mike J. Idacavage - UCB Chemicals (loves model rocketry)

QuarkSpin said...

A HUGE thank you to @snibble for his sleuthing and bringing this person back on the radar (long story). Say hello to Mike Joyce:

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