Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle X

This mysterious video showed up recently. Anybody want to take a stab at figuring out just who these guys are?

The clues are everywhere...

Anonymous said...

...and here is another clue :)

QuarkSpin said...

I'm starting a list of former astronauts who are involved in different aerospace interests (but not LARGE aerospace companies). I wonder if any of them are the "former astronaut" on the Mystery Team? Please feel free to comment and add more names to the list:

Scott "Doc" Horowitz

Joe Tanner

Robert "Hoot" Gibson

James S. Voss

Mark Lee

John Herrington

QuarkSpin said...

Several of us are reviewing the list of "former astronauts" that the Mystery Team was kind enough to provide a link to. Having said that:

Alan Bean is now our current front runner!

Apollo 12 astronaut. The Apollo 12 heritage site has been mentioned more than once by the Mystery Team as the spot that they would like to visit. An Apollo landing site and a visit to a Surveyor lander in one shot? What a deal!

We also decided that the recent publicity afforded Alan Bean via "In The Shadow of the Moon" was good from a PR/funding standpoint.

Also, to dispel any concerns by the public that an Apollo heritage might be "desecrated", who better to dispel everyone's fears than an Apollo astronaut?


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