Space TweetUp

While we were in town for the upcoming Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit, we decided to have a little fun and meet up with some friends--new and old--in and around Mountain View, California. Through the miracle of social networking, Mike put out the call via Twitter (if you don't already, you can follow us at @glxp and @Pomerantz, among others) and on the Google Lunar X PRIZE group on Facebook for folks to join us at a pub in downtown Mountain View.

The turnout was pretty spectacular--a very effective argument for the power of social networking. We had members of Google Lunar X PRIZE teams, Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge teams, NASA Ames staff, and a variety of other space friends who either live here or who were in town for our Summit, the AGU meeting, or the human-tended suborbital science meeting. It was wonderful to meet some new people--ad a great time was had by all!

I'm not a very good low-lighting photographer, but did my best to capture the scene. You can find an album below.

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