Top Ten Space People and Organizations to Follow on Twitter

Not a Twitter user yet? Well then here's what you're missing out on....

  1. @GLXP - OK, sorry, I just had to put a little shameless self-promotion in here
  2. @jeff_foust - Jeff Foust is a great writer and blogger. Great resource for newspace and political news.
  3. @amoroso - Paolo Amoroso, Space educator from Italy (tweets in English). Science is fun! (OH: did I mention we have a shared love of LOLcats?)
  4. @the_stargazer - Josh Nelson, Chairman of SEDS USA Executive Board. And how cool is his avatar: he's curled up inside a NGLLC crater.
  5. @NASA - Newsfeed from NASA.
  6. @KeithCowing - Keith Cowing, the most feared voice in the space community. Love him or hate him, you have to read what he says.
  7. @mmealling - Michael Mealling, VP of Business Development at Masten Space Systems. Always has his finger on the pulse of the space industry and surrounding politics.
  8. @ahoppin - Andrew Hoppin, entrepreneur. Great perspectives on the business of space, and NASA's place in that.
  9. @disco_dave - Dave Mosher, web producer for Discovery Space.
  10. @kittell - Kirk Kittell, aerospace engineer. Interesting perspectives on the technical/engineering side of space exploration.

@marsphoenix - The one that started it all. RIP.
@Pomerantz - Our own Willie P.
@peterdiamandis - Peter Diamandis, Founder and CEO, X PRIZE Foundation.

Feel free to give your own shoutouts in the comments.

William said...

I see what you did there.... trying to force me to comment on all the people you left out. Very tricky, Mr. Fabio. Very tricky!

Can't complain too much about missing out on a slot in the top 10--my company in the honorable mentions is pretty darn good!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting me on the list! A few of my favorites that would be foolish not to mention:


Anonymous said...

Wow I don't know what to say... "Fund my startup puhleease?" ;)


Paolo Amoroso said...

I have just received from Twitter 8 notifications of new followers, and now that I'm checking my RSS feeds I understand why. It's the first time I get so many new followers in a single day.

Flattered -- I has it.

Michael Mealling said...

Many of these don't tweet often but when they do its important...

@kdavidian - FAA
@rocketshadow - Aleta Jackson - XCOR
@dmasten - David Masten - my boss
@wikkit - Ben Brockert - SEDS and Masten Space
@lorettahidalgo - Loretta Whitesides
@gtwhitesides - George Whitesides
@Doug_Comstock / Doug Comstock
@nickyjor - Nicky Jordan
@wingod - Dennis Wingo
@b0yle - Alan Boyle - MSNBC reporter
@spacefrontier - Space Frontier Foundation
@milesobrien - Formerly of CNN
@medido - Robbie Schingler
@k_lau - Karen Lau
@gsohnlein - Guillermo Sohnlein - Space Angels

mike fabio said...

Thanks for all the responses. Keep them coming. There are many space-related Twitter streams out there, and a ton of really amazing people to follow. Many more than I can fit into my top ten list.

A couple more that are on my radar:

..... the list goes on and on......

Paolo Amoroso said...

Now that I recovered from the shock of being under the spotlights, here are some space twitterers I follow who haven't been mentioned yet:

@waynehale - Wayne Hale, the right stuff (be sure to also check his blog)
@astrodude - former US astronaut Leroy Chiao
@RobertPearlman - Robert Pearlman of collectSPACE fame
@marsroverdriver - one of the guys who drive rovers on Mars (what rovers? left as an exercise)

QuarkSpin said...

Here are three more:

@NASA_EDGE - An inside and outside look at all things NASA

@kennicosmith - NASA scientist currently working on LCROSS and TESS missions

@TaviGreiner - SloohRadio, amateur astronomer

Unknown said...

Also check out the Twitter SpaceMeme at OnOrbit ColabSpace with a categorized list of 180+ and growing.

I'll check the lists here to see what if any accounts we're missing

Keith Cowing said...


mike fabio said...

Keith, you are indeed an influential person in the space world. And as such, nobody wants to get on your bad side.

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