Free Patches from Anousheh Ansari's ISS Mission


Want an awesome patch, just like the one that Anousheh Ansari wore on her trip to the International Space Station? We've got a whole bunch of them and we're giving them away to you!

It's simple, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to this address:

Ansari Patch
C/O X PRIZE Foundation
5510 Lincoln Blvd.
Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90094

Note the following:

  1. No postage = no patch. Make sure your envelopes have the correct postage amount

  2. Sorry, USA only. Unless you want to handle all the customs forms required by the United States Postal Service. I will not send any without the proper forms.

  3. The patch is just slightly taller than a standard American letter-size envelope. I can stuff it in there, but if you've got a slightly larger envelope that's better.

  4. Offer ends February 15, 2009, or whenever the patches run out, whichever comes first. Watch the comments on this post, as I will tell you when I've run out.

  5. UPDATE: Only one patch per person. We want everyone to have a chance to receive one of these collectors items. Also we don't want anyone reselling a bunch on Ebay.


Pierre-Damien said...

That's awesome!

Unknown said...

This is quite generous and very nice of you!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! SASE is on its way.

That is a neat patch design.

Monroe said...

N-Prize Team Prometheus and we need 10! For the Team!!!
We are sending the envelopes we aren't greedy so if there aren't 10thats ok.
By the way Thanks for the story about the N-Prize, "Somethings going into orbit" We need all the help we can get! We linked to your site.
We are looking at joining the National Space Soceity!

mike fabio said...

Neo, sorry for not clarifying this. I've updated the guidelines. We can only offer one patch per person, so as to be fair to everyone who wants one.

If each of your team members sends an envelope, I'd be happy to send the patches.

John Carter McKnight said...

What *is* the correct postage?

mike fabio said...

Standard first class letter postage should be fine.

mike fabio said...

Although it's not a bad idea to put two stamps on there. I can't be sure.

Unknown said...

No new posts in the last few days, are patches still available? I'm preparing to send out my SASE now.

mike fabio said...

There are still patches available. Get your SASE in ASAP.

Unknown said...

Thanks Mike - my envelope went out in the mail yesterday.

Monroe said...

We got ours! they are awsome thanks!

Team Prometheus

Monroe said...

Did the address change?

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