Mapping Space on Earth, a #FFD Friday Funday Wrapup

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As you can see, the map above has been marked up substantially with a variety of features, including people, space agencies, astronomical observatories, and other space related stuff. But the best part is that it was marked up by YOU.

If you haven't already added yourself or your favorite space places to the map, feel free to go edit it.

Thanks for yet another fantastic Friday Funday #FFD

Ray said...

This space map, and the ones The Launch Pad showed a while ago on the Lunar Lander Challenge and Lunar X PRIZE for Google Earth, are cool. It's also good that (as I see revisiting them) you have the latest teams on them. I wonder what people would come up with if there was a contest to use a technology like Google Earth to showcase the X PRIZE Foundation? Would competitors come up with SketchUp models of Lunar Landers, Google Moon maps and proposed landing site tours, in-depth views on particular prizes or teams or events or technologies, maps of the Automotive X PRIZE race ...? There would probably be some interesting surprises.

mike fabio said...

Great idea, Ray. We've been considering something like this for a long time. Indeed the crowd seems to have a knack for creativity, especially when given a jumping-off point like Google Lunar X PRIZE. I love the idea of making SketchUp models. Stay tuned, we'll probably do something like this soon....

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