Perigee Moon, January 2009

Tonight the Moon was at perigee, and therefore appeared brighter and larger than any other night we'll see this year. In fact, it's even brighter than the last time it was at perigee.

I took these photos from the roof of my Hollywood apartment. You'll see a few Hollywood landmarks if you look closely, and even some spotlights (perhaps a movie premier?). Oh, and a few shots of Century City (the other direction) at dusk.

View photo album on Picasa.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Alas, we are covered with snow clouds where I live. I can only enjoy through the pictures on the intertubes.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos.
I just realized that I missed a rather rare event last night: The ISS passing in front of the Moon (and no clouds). Some people were more awake than me:

mike fabio said...

Thanks for the link, Alex. That's an awesome photo!

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