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A twitter bird for all!

After my post about top space people to follow on Twitter, it seemed only fitting that I should put together a list of Google Lunar X PRIZE related Twitter accounts. Some of these are feeds, but for the most part they are the real people behind the teams. Let the following begin....

Fully Registered Teams:

Odyssey Moon
@chrisstott - Chris Stott

Next Giant Leap
@NextGiantLeap - Michael Joyce

@AdilJafry - Adil Jafry

@JeffKrukin - Jeff Krukin

Omega Envoy
@OmegaEnvoy - Ruben Nunez
@Jasontweets - Jason Dunn

@Euroluna - Team feed, Palle Haastrup

Prospective and Letter-of-Intent Teams:

White Label Space
@WhiteLabelSpace - Team Feed
@steveswrong - Steve Allen
@LunarX_EU - Team Feed, same as @WhiteLabelSpace

Human Synergy Moon Project/Interplanetary Ventures
@HumanSynergy - Team Feed

Luna Brasilis
@Claudioblogs - Claudio Torres

Anonymous said...

You can add TeamFREDNET (no, I didn't know about it either).

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