TLP Year in Review, and New Years Resolutions

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Hello all. As you've probably noticed, The Launch Pad has been extremely quiet recently.... we were on vacation! But the X PRIZE crew has returned, and I've made a resolution: minimum of one post per weekday to The Launch Pad all of 2009.

Recently I've been guilty of not following my own advice: the quality of content is important, but quantity can be equally important. How do I know? A little birdie told me.

Just for fun, let's take a quick look back on the inaugural year of The Launch Pad, by the numbers. Here are the most read posts based on number of pageviews from Jan 1 - Dec 31:

  1. NOAA Regulations (Slashdotted on July 26, 2008)

  2. White Knight 2 Rollout - LIVE POST [yep, I mistitled WhiteKnightTwo]

  3. Who Owns The Moon? (also see the various Luna Philosophie stuff on this topic)

  4. Fun with Paper (also see the followup)

  5. High above the Earth...

  6. 2009 Lunar Lander Challenge

  7. Falcon 1 Launch Video (of unsuccessful flight 3)

  8. WhiteKnightTwo Makes its Maiden Flight

  9. Top Ten Space People and Organizations to Follow on Twitter

  10. How Far Away is Outer Space?

This list points out a couple of very important features about our blogging habits here. First, it shows that there are some gaping holes in our reporting (why post a video of Falcon 1 flight 3, but not the successful flight 4?). Second, it shows that the audience has an insatiable desire for both news and educational content (Fun with Paper, How Far Away is Outer Space?). And finally, it shows that our audience is much savvier than one might expect, particularly when it comes to online media (note the popularity of video content, Twitter, and the rich comment discussions on many of these posts).

So with that, I have officially met my quota for today, but don't expect me to stick to the bare minimum. There is so much in store for 2009, how could I possibly limit myself to one post per day? ;)

pragzz said...

wow, a post a day...Good luck man! :-)

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