Friday Funday #FFD Photo Scavenger Hunt

For today's Friday Funday activity, we'll be searching for cool space stuff in Google Sky. Follow @glxp on Twitter to play along.

#1. This one shouldn't be too hard....


The winner is: @spacekiwi

Coordinates: RA: 11h28m31.28s DEC: +05d47m21.01s

Google Earth.jpg

#2. A little trickier


The winner is: @chris_radcliff

Eagle Nebula
Coordinates: RA: 18h19m13s DEC: -13d45m33s

Google Earth-1.jpg

#3. Now we're getting difficult

Image ssc2008-17a.jpg

The winner is: @spacekiwi (again!)

NGC 346
Coordinates: RA: 0h59m07s DEC: -72d10m08s

Google Earth-2.jpg

#4. Find this vantage point on the surface of Mars using the Google Earth Mars feature. Extra mega special bonus points if you can send me a screencap recreating this image using the 3D Mars model.


Sure enough, if you give someone a challenge, they'll take you up on it. @spacekiwi sent in this recreation of the photo above (taken by Spirit on sol 489) made with Google Earth/Mars:


And just for fun, I made this. Isn't Google Earth incredible?

#5. How about this one?


And the winnner is..... @snibble

These two colliding galaxies are called NGC 2207 and IC 2163. Here is the Spitzer telescope imagery that is included in one of the Google Sky layers:

Google Earth-3.jpg

#6. And now one of my favorites...


And we have two winners: @snibble and @gonz037

We have here Eta Carine. How cool is this image from Google Sky?

Google Earth-4.jpg

Thanks everybody for playing along today, and congratulations to the winners.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, sir!

You took this in a completely different direction than I was thinking. But, it was cool.

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