Lunar Exploration in 140 Characters or Less

Here is the presentation I filmed for the FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference. This was shown at the "Wired for Space" panel. Wish I could have been in attendance, but this should do....

Please don't judge too harshly (especially after Will's great post the other day on presentation skillz). I literally wrote it, read it, edited it, compressed it, uploaded it within a few hours.

Oh, and it looks an awful lot better in high quality on YouTube.

Would love to hear your feedback in the comments!

Gonz037 said...

A good presentation, and good points. There are NASA missions that I would never have known about if it were not for their facebook pages. I never would have thought to follow @GLXP on twitter if it wasn't for a re-tweet of a friday fun day. And if I never knew to do that, I wouldn't be here commenting right now. And off topic, I did see what you did there with the STOP hammer time and also it's good to see you rockin' the Walken building robots pic I sent. ;-)

mike fabio said...

Like I said: space is serious business ;)

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