The Odds are Good, but...

Inspired by a friend's personal blog post, I wanted to disseminate some statistics here, without being limited by the inconveniences of accuracy. It's all about relevance, people, not accuracy!

So, I'll offer up this statistic to potential X PRIZE donors, sponsors, partners, and employees: two of three winners of this year's TED Prizes work with us here at X PRIZE. By my calculations, that means ... let's see here ... carry the one ... ah, yes. If you work with or donate to X PRIZE, clearly you have a 67% chance of winning a TED Prize. Right? Right?

In all serious, though, this is pretty awesome, I must admit. I was pretty thrilled just to attend the breakfast X PRIZE held at TED last week--but knowing two of the prize winners is even cooler.

So, congratulations to Jill Tarter of SETI--the main point of contact for SETI's partnership with the Google Lunar X PRIZE--and to Sylvia Earle of the National Geographic Society--who is working with us to help develop a potential future Ocean X PRIZE.

Update: And, of course, right after I post this, I see (via Twitter) that old friend Pete Worden, a member of a number of X PRIZE Advisory Councils and a Judge for the NGLLC, was just named the Federal Laboratory Director of the Year. I think this all adds up to a pretty compelling argument!

Pierre-Damien said...

Thanks for posting about it! I'm a huge fan of Sylvia Earle!! I'm so excited about the Ocean Exploration X PRIZE too!! This really is the kind of thing that makes you even more proud to have something to do with the X PRIZE!

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