Please Please Me

I'm fortunate to work in a field that is pretty inspiring--for me personally, if not universally. For that matter, I also work at an inspiring Foundation, on inspiring projects, and with an inspiring group of people. All of that provides great emotional fuel and motivation for me to work hard, every moment of every day.

But even still, I think we all have days where it feels like we're stuck in low gear. Where for whatever reason, things just aren't clicking. Where you get too distracted, or where things just don't pan out, and it feels like your output is a trickle compared to a normal day.

Sometimes, on days like that--or to prevent days like that--I look outside of my own inspiring field to gain an extra push of motivation. Today, that should be easy.

Forty six years ago today, four young men from Liverpool went in to work and put in a solid ten hour work day. Their output at the end of that single day? A little album called Please Please Me which stayed on top of the charts for 30 weeks and remains a classic adored around the world.

It's not my favorite Beatles album (I'd rank it something like their 10th best, personally; and the highest ranked song from the album on this guy's extensive rankings of every Beatles song comes in at #16), but still. Ten hours. Think about that. Get inspired. Then get back to work!

Natalie said...

Great post! Now I'm getting back to work ;)

QuarkSpin said...

I am the walrus, goo goo gajoob ga goo goo gajoob. ;-)

mike fabio said...

Oh sure. I go to the dentist for just a few hours and sure enough Will posts about music.

He seems to think he's a BLOGGER.

Watch out, there is a music post from me in the future. And it will not be as "I have nothing to write about" as Will. Let the games begin!

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