Some changes at The Launch Pad

If you follow @GLXP on Twitter, you've probably been following along with the various changes I've made here at The Launch Pad. Our web properties are constantly in a state of evolution, as we tweak things to meet the needs of our community and best share the great content that is being generated by the X PRIZE Foundation, the teams competing in our space PRIZEs, and you, the fans. Here's a quick list of some things that have changed here. Your feedback is most welcome.

  • Google Social Bar. You'll notice at the bottom of the page is a bar where you can use your Google account to connect to our page and to other readers. You can also use the bar to add comments to any page on The Launch Pad, in addition to the traditional Blogger commenting system. I'll be working on ways to integrate these, as well as add more social features to the blog.

  • Translation widget. Use Google Translate to automatically convert this blog to over 30 languages. Unfortunately Klingon is not yet supported. Only works on English posts, so unfortunately English speakers will have to translate Nicky's posts with some cut and paste.

  • Removed tags from sidebar. The list was just way too long. I'm considering adding a tag cloud instead, but for now I'm happy without it.

  • Removed Picasa image feed from sidebar. I'll probably bring this back at some point. It was a nice little widget (and it took me several hours to code it up), but since we don't use a centralized point for all our images, it wasn't pulling in the right content.

If you have other suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

Paolo Amoroso said...

The Google social bar is not entirely displayed with Firefox 3.0.6 under Linux: it appears at the bottom of the browser window, just above the status bar, but is only partially visible.

Unknown said...

Wow, that bar is awesome O_o Congratulations

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