Space News article about Google Lunar X PRIZE social media outreach

In this week's issue of Space News there is an interesting article about the use of social media outreach for space. And not to toot my own horn or anything, but there's a lot of mention of Google Lunar X PRIZE outreach programs.

"Social media Internet technologies allow anyone to talk to everyone," Mike Fabio, Google liaison for the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition, said Feb. 5 at the Commercial Space Transportation Conference's "Wired for Space" panel here. "It's about content, content, content. Give them something good to talk about and they'll find you."

The article is good in showcasing the "Wired for Space" panel, but has a slightly misleading headline: "NASA Leverages Social Networking To Generate Public Enthusiasm." While a good chunk of the article focuses on NASA's use of Twitter and other media to engage the public, there weren't any NASA representatives that spoke on the "Wired for Space" panel. Go figure. Regardless, the article is worth a read, and I'm glad to see social media finally getting its 15 minutes of fame in the space world.

Go pick up the latest issue of Space News to read the full article, on page 15. And forgive me if I find it slightly ironic that the article is not published online :)

Cariann said...

I hear ya on the non online thing Mike! Congratulations! This is awesome.... and you did a great job with your video!

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