Astronomical Sightings Database - Alpha test

Hopefully you have already seen the video I posted a few days ago introducing a fun hack I made for posting your astronomical sightings on Google Earth. Well, after some tweaking, I think I'm finally ready to let you try it.

The concept is simple: grab an embed code for images or video you've taken of space related things - could be a shot of the Moon in daytime, a video of a shuttle launch, a telescopic image of the ISS passing over - and add it to the database with the location it was taken and the time/date. These images are then pushed out to a Google Earth KML file which dynamically updates as new content is added.

Some tips on entering data:

  • More exact addresses yield better results. The system uses Google Maps geocoding to find locations on the map, so locations like "Eiffel Tower" or "North Pole" might actually work. Typically a city/state/country will work fine.

  • Make sure to copy the embed code and not the URL.

  • It also works with self-hosted images, but you'll have to create your own IMG tags

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Download the KML file here (sorry, not yet compatible with Google Maps, so you'll have to grab Google Earth

Click here to enter your sightings

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