The Cheapest Space Exploration You Can Buy


Riddle me this....

A subscription to Netflix costs $5-15 per month

A movie rental on iTunes costs $4

The average cost of cable is almost $60 per month.

But live video from the surface of the Moon? Free.

We value, above all else, the power of the content created by the Google Lunar X PRIZE to inspire and energize a new generation of space enthusiasts, and distribute these media free of charge. If you value the content as much as we do, why not make a donation? Using Tipjoy you can give as little as 1 cent. And it costs a fraction of what you're already spending to watch that totally awesome Dane Cook movie that your boyfriend was raving about (like, OMG!).

If you're a Twitter user, just enter your info below to donate.

Or if you don't do that whole newfangled Web2.0 thing, you can try some old school donation methods.

All donations are tax deductible, and go toward Google Lunar X PRIZE education and outreach programs. And when we touch down on the surface of the Moon, you can lean over to your friend and whisper "I helped with that."

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