An Early Birthday Present from @SpaceVidcast!

Tomorrow, March 17, I'll be celebrating one year working at the X PRIZE Foundation. And my good friends Ben and Cariann from SpaceVidcast sent me these awesome presents.


Well, actually the presents were a giveaway for their one year birthday which was just a few weeks ago. But either way this has brightened my day enormously (especially after 3 hours of sleep last night and a 6am flight out of Austin). A SpaceVidcast T-shirt, a sticker, a copy of Blue Planet on Blu-Ray, and a SpaceVidcast mug (which I really needed, BTW). Thanks so much guys!

Cariann said...

Yay! I'm glad it brightened your day! It certainly brightened mine after a no sleep weekend of preparing and 'casting the launch.

Happy Happy!

QuarkSpin said...

Congrats on one year at GLXP, Mike! We'll be celebrating in NYC with a big parade full of bands and everything that you can possibly imagine tinted green for the occasion (with the possible exception of the Blue Man Group). I look forward to seeing what happens during the year to come at GLXP!

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