Tune in: 1:30PM PDT / 20:30 UTC for the EPIC rematch eating contest. Will Pomerantz defend his title? Will Will Pomerantz defend his title? Will the word Will be used more times in this sentence? Well? Will it?

Thanks everyone for tuning in! The live broadcast is over, but here's the archived video for your enjoyment.

Cariann said...

I have to say... just as funny the second time around!
Good job guys... and no slacking! Ben and I are going to get ready for a GLXP/SVC food off!

;) LOL!

QuarkSpin said...

Nothing short of awesome!I think the next contest needs to involve another local staple: Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale. Not for the faint of heart! @Pomerantz was hinting around at a hot dog contest this afternoon. Those two things together could cause mayhem beyond measure. Yeah - that's the ticket!

I'm glad you can have fun at work!! Looking forward to a GLXP/SVC showdown in the future.

Paolo Amoroso said...

Will Pomerantz for food

pragzz said...

Really, what two idiots wouldn't do for attention! Keep at it Fella's!! :-)

pragzz said...

Actually, it should be a series. You have enough moonpies in there to do a few more of these. Plus, we all know how creative you can be with those things. What else can you eat/drink??

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