#FFD Friday Funday Exoplanet Naming Madness

Leave it to the nerds to come up with planet names like "Mr. Gassypants" or "Fantasculus" or "Pluto." Today we held a little naming and voting experiment in honor of tonight's launch of the Kepler telescope, which will (with any luck) discover Earth-sized planets beyond our solar system.

Our experiment yielded (at most recent count) 2,997 votes on 162 suggestions from 59 people, not bad for a Friday Funday! Here are the top ten exoplanet names, as determined by your votes:

  1. Sagan - Submitted by TaviGreiner

  2. Hawking - Submitted by joebarone

  3. Isis - Submitted by LunarMark

  4. Kepler - Submitted by Rob

  5. Gagarin - Submitted by joebarone

  6. Asimov - Submitted by Cariann

  7. Laika - Submitted by William James Pomerantz, Esq.

  8. Yuri - Submitted by joebarone

  9. Serenity - Submitted by Gonz0

  10. Heinlein - Submitted by CaitPenn

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