Putting those crazy dollars into perspective

Just now a very interesting presentation came across my Twitter feed, courtesy of @mlaine. Using SketchUp, the author decided to demonstrate just exactly what $1 trillion might look like. The demonstration may surprise you.

While intended to put into perspective some current economic figures, I think this presentation is also useful for a couple of other things. For starters, it can easily show us (spatially) what it means when we say that we're offering $20 million to send a vehicle to the Moon. Or what it means when NASA puts out a budget of $18.7 billion.

Also, this presentation is a good way to get some perspectives on exponential growth. Helps to understand the scale of the universe (although I'm not sure I want to think of the universe in terms of money).

Mana said...

wow....thats crazy! way to put things in perspective!

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